Cupcake Trucks – Are They For Real?

I can honestly say that I’ve lived my whole life without ever eating out of a food truck. Really!! If you follow my blog, you know I’m vegetarian. I make almost all my own food from scratch. Also, food trucks just aren’t in my day-to-day neighborhood. But they are so neat to look at! Sometimes when I go to Washington D.C. (one of my favorite things to do!), I see rows and rows of food trucks lined up. My husband and I like to walk slowly by them and see their menus. Last time we did this, we were shocked at how “upscale” the food truck industry had become!

We even saw a food truck that had vegan only food! Wowser. The price at all these food trucks reflected that the food was upscale, too. LOL. That’s Washington for you, right?

Tasty Trucks

I was excited to see in that the Sale-a-bration catalog this year had the adorable stamp set called “Tasty Trucks.” The stamp set is cute, but it also reminds me of my visits with my husband to browse the museums in D.C., so the stamp set makes me happy. This stamp set is free with any $50 order, which is awesome too, right? I love getting free things in the mail.

Handmade card made with Sale-A-Bration stamp set Tasty Trucks by Stampin' Up!
This card is the first one I made with the stamp set. Of course, I had to make it a cup cake truck. Are there really cup cake trucks? Better I don’t know….There’s a business idea that would make a fortune…

I was excited when I flipped through my paper and found the “Pop of Pink” DSP. The little good speckles look just like sprinkles! I had to make it work for the card!

The Details

To make the card, I started with Shimmery White card stock because I knew I wanted to watercolor. I then embossed the truck image in copper. I like copper because it has a bit of pink in it and I like pink. Pink is good, right? After embossing, I cut out the truck and watercolored it using my brand new Watercolor pencils and Aqua Painter. So much fun!

Handmade card made with Sale-A-Bration stamp set Tasty Trucks by Stampin' Up!
I added some gold foil paper behind the Pop of Pink layer. Looks so cool in real life! Not sure if the picture does all the shininess justice. I then added more gold with the gold ribbon (also for free!). I’m going to have stock up on that gold and silver ribbon. Not only is it gorgeous, it has a nice hand to it and just feels good.

Behind the truck there is some linen thread and gold thread, to give the card a bit of interest and layers.

I hope you enjoy this truck as I do! Now I want some cupcakes. That’s the only drawback to the stamp set. I guess it’s no surprise I made tacos for dinner last night. I’ve got food trucks on my mind!

Supplies Used:

Stamps: Tasty Trucks
Paper: Pop of Pink, Shimmery White, Whisper White, Gold Foil, Melon Mambo
Other: Copper embossing Powder, Watercolor Markers, Aqua Painter, Gold Thread, Linen Thread, Versamark

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Mediterranean Moments

Woohoo!! I’ve made my first card using the new Stampin’ Up! Watercolor pencils. Have you tried them yet? If not, they are a must have!! They are so much fun to use. I find using them is must faster than using traditional watercoloring methods. They also provide more consistent results. I was able to control the color better with them.

If you’ve used them, please leave a comment below, letting me know how you use them!!

Using Watercolor Pencils to Color

Since it was my first time using watercolor pencils, I decided to use them the traditional way. I know this won’t last long, but since it was my first time I didn’t want to do anything too crazy.

Watercolored card using Mediterranean Moments by Stampin' Up!

To begin the project, I pulled out my brand new rubba, “Mediterranean Moments.” I selected a smaller image since I had no idea how it would go. I stamped my image using Archival Gray onto Shimmery White card stock. Shimmery White is my favorite and go-to for all watercoloring. And it shimmers!!!! LOL. It’s so beautiful.

I then lightly colored in the images using the watercolor pencils. I didn’t color in anything exactly. Just some quick scribbles in the center of each image. Once this was done, I grabbed my Aqua Painter and got busy! Here’s where the magic happens. The Aqua Painter worked magic on my coloring. The watery paintbrush turned the messy scribbles into watercolor paint. It looked like magic happening before my eyes!

Watercolored card using Mediterranean Moments by Stampin' Up!

Some of the images, however, were too light. I wanted deeper color. For those images, all I did was color them (very messy…) over top with another layer of watercolor pencils. I then repeated the process with the Aqua Painter. It made the shade darker and more vivid.

Finishing Off the Card

After painting the scene, I knew I wanted the image to be the focal of the card. Oh is it a sweet image. I cut out all kinds of sentiments, etc. but I found they detracted from the focal image, so I didn’t use them.

Instead, I put some subtle Fabulous Foil Designer Acetate behind the image and used some beautiful Bermuda Bay ribbon to give some texture to the card. A peek of some matching sequins in the ribbon is always fun (and I love it when I have matching embellishments in my arsenal).

I hope you enjoy using the watercolor pencils! Let me know what you think.


Supplies Used:

Stamps: Mediterranean Moments
Paper: Bermuda Bay, Smoky Slate, Shimmery White, Fabulous Foil Designer Acetate
Other: Watercolor Pencils, Bermuda Bay 1/8” stitched ribbon, Bermuda Bay Sequin Trim


How to Stamp With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

How to Stamp with Kids without Losing your Mind

Do you ever stamp with your kids? What do you think? Love it or hate it? Okay, I know that question sounds really bad. Hate it?! How is that possible? Aren’t we supposed to instill within our children a love of creativity? And stamping is such a fun hobby to do together.

But then comes the mess and the chaos. Your five year old thinks nothing of using 5 packages of pearl beads for just one of her amazing projects. She punches a hole (or thirty) through your last piece of Mint Macaron card stock. And breaks your punch in the process. Clear stamps are “somewhere,” perhaps never to be found again. And we haven’t even touched the mess that the ink could make.

Yes, crafting with young ones can turn into chaos in seconds. I don’t do it often because it turns my calm, soothing hobby into a whirlwind of stress. But I don’t want to stop stamping with them. You should see how they beam when they’re with me. It’s their special time and goodness has their creativity grown. But most importantly, it builds their confidence and my relationship strengthens with them every time we stamp together.

To keep stamp time from getting overwhelming, I’ve established a few rules.

Rules of the Stamp Room:

1. Always clean your stamp before putting it back. I’ve given my kids their very own stamp cleaner called a Stampin’ Scrub. They now love to clean off the stamps. I do spray the Stampin’ Mist cleaner for them.

2. Never take out more than one stamp at a time. After they use a stamp, they’ve learned to put it right back into the case before taking out a new one. They know that this is especially important for clear stamps, but they’ve learned to do it for all stamps.

3. Ask before using one of my supplies. Before using anything on my table, they must first ask me. My kids are especially tempted to use adorable enamel shapes and pearls. I can’t blame them! If they ask me first, I usually let them use a few fun embellishments.

4. Clean up when you’re done. This last rule has been the hardest to implement. I can’t blame them because I don’t usually follow this rule, either!! However, they can make a HUGE mess much quicker than I can and their messes are usually much worse. So they really need to clean it up.

The way I’ve implemented this one in the past has been through tough love. If they’ve left my room in shambles, the next time they ask if they can stamp I tell them “no” and explain why. This is disappointing, but they know they’re in the wrong and have no argument except “I promise I’ll clean it this time.” I’ve said “no” enough times that they usually now clean up without me reminding them. Sometimes they don’t (life is never perfect) but it’s definitely better!

Child Crafting

Setting Up a Space

I’ve also set up my craft room so that they have an area for their craft things. I’ve given them retired inks, stamp sets, paper, and punches. They have a special shelf on my bookcase for their craft supplies. I’ve also given them a drawer in my desk (which thrills them!) for their supplies, too.

If you haven’t tried doing this yet, be warned that it sounds like a much better plan than it actually is.

Anything I give to them (even if it’s my FAVORITE retired stamp set) is not as cool as what I’m currently using. If it’s in their shelf, they figure I must have given it to them for a reason (like a clothing sale, right?) and they don’t want to play with it. So they still go after my things!!!

I’ve therefore found that the best way to manage this is:

1. Keep some of their supplies interspersed with my “good” things. LOL. This is a funny recommendation but it really works! If the kids feel like they’re using my supplies, they’ll have much more fun.

2. Let the kids earn quality stamping supplies as prizes. In my household, we have a token system. The kids earn tokens for doing above-and-beyond chores. When they’ve accrued enough tokens, they earn prizes. A token is usually worth about 25-50 cents in prizes. My kids have used tokens to buy stamp sets (it did take them a while to earn the sets!!), sponge daubers, embellishments, etc.

The beauty of this method is that you also have an incentive to get the kids to behave. It’s totally win-win!! I also love that I’m not filling my house with junky toys. Instead, I’m buying quality products that my kids will use and enjoy. I love this method because it’s a win for everyone.

Final tips:

Adhesive: Adhesive is expensive! Instead of sharing my high-quality adhesive tape, glue dots, etc., with them, I buy inexpensive glue sticks that I keep stocked in the room. Occasionally, they will need a high-quality adhesive and I’ll let them use some sticky strip or whatever they need, but in general, I’ve saved a fortune by stocking up on glue sticks!

Project Kits in the Mail: Also, another great option is to order your child a subscription to Paper Pumpkin. Can you just see the look on your child’s face when a beautiful, bright package arrives with everything he or she needs to do projects? Oh my!!! You have a complete win when your child uses only the items in the box to do the project! LOL. This would make a great birthday gift. Or better yet, use it as an incentive for good behavior.

Enjoy your stamp time with your kids. The days are long and messy, but the memories and relationships you’re building are priceless. Don’t forget to snap a picture of the chaos. One day it’ll make it’ll you smile, I promise.

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Beautiful Treat Bag with Matching Card

Sometimes my projects reveal a ton about my life. The projects I have to share today reveal a whole lot about me!! The projects both use the Bloomin’ Love stamp set and are meant to go together. Isn’t that fun? A card with a matching treat bag.

Valentine's Day Card and Matching Treat Holder made with Bloomin' Love by Stampin' Up!

Win a Free Stamp Set!

Here’s how I’m showing my true colors. I made the beautiful treat bag, but I have no treats in my house. Nothing. Not chocolate wrapped candy, not 1 little Hershey Kiss rolling around in the back cabinet, nothing. I’m a true health nut. It’s not that I don’t eat sweets – I do! But I make them myself. Every week I make muffins and sometimes the I make brownies. If you can guess what special ingredient I put in my brownies, I will mail you a free stamp set. LOL. Put a guess in the comments or send me an email.

For this project, the closest I had to candy was trail mix with a little bit of candy in them. By the time I was done taking the picture, my kids had picked out every candy and eaten them, so they’re now all gone. LOL.

The Card

I adore the colors in the card! Blushing Bride and Sahara Sand are an amazing marriage of colors. I added just a pop of dark pink with the Rose Red.

Valentine's Day Card made with Bloomin' Love by Stampin' Up!

The large heart cut-out if from the Bloomin’ Love Thinlits.

When most people think of Valentine’s day decorations, they think of a bold red color. However, red isn’t “me.” I prefer more muted tones. I’ve learned that when we use colors we love instead of what we think we’re “supposed” to use, the projects come out much better. It never works to pretend you’re something you’re not, right? I’m so thrilled with how the card and treat bag came out and I’m glad I didn’t force myself to use the traditional bold red.

Valentine's Day Card made with Bloomin' Love by Stampin' Up!

My favorite part of the card is the pink glitter flowers. I also cut them out using the Bloomin’ Love Thinlits. Anything with glitter makes me happy – but pink glitter?!! Whoa….

The Treat Bag

The treat bag is cute!! But did you realize it’s also cheap to make? Stampin’ Up! sells the adorable little bags (Click here to see them) to make the treat holders. You get 50 bags for $3.00. You can make a whole lotta treats for that, right? I bought the bags for something else (to hold embellishments). But I was doing a large party and I thought the bags would be PERFECT for a crowd.

How to Make the Gift Bag

To make the topper, cut card stock 5 ½ x 2 1/8. Score at 1 ¾. That’s it, my friend. So easy! One sheet of card stock makes 8 toppers!!

  • Decorate the topper but wait to put on the final scallop till the end. I’ll explain more below.
  • Next, fill the candy bags and tape them shut.
  • Fold the tag on the score line and staple it to the bag. The back of your bag will look as nice as your front!
  • Put the scallop design on the front with a dimensional, covering the staple

Just a little tip: put on your final scallop or decoration AFTER you staple the topper to the bag. I didn’t do this my first time and my scallop tag got a bit mangled. Learn from my mistakes!

I hope you enjoy the card and the bag! They are meant to coordinate so you can give them to the same person, or keep them if you like!

Valentine's Day Candy Bag made with Bloomin' Love by Stampin' Up!

Supplies Used:

Stamps: Bloomin’ Love
Ink: Versamark, Rose Red
Paper: Blushing Bride, Sahara Sand, Very Vanilla, Sahara Sand, Falling in Love DSP
Other: Bloomin’ Love Thinlits, 2 x8 cellophane bags, Blushing Bride Glimmer Paper, 3/8” Metallic Combo (free with Sale-A-Bration)

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How to Organize Clear Stamps and Framelits

Don’t you just love being organized? For some of us (me!!!!!), it feels like a goal that I’m always striving towards, but don’t always reach. And then one day the Angels sing and BOOM! It happens!! A part of my life becomes so organized that I smile every time I see it. I wish the Angels would sing every day and that my whole would be organized, but trust me, I’ll take snippets, too.

Snippets add up, too, don’t they? Maybe one day soon my whole craft room will be organized. But until then, I want to share with you my method for storing stamps and framelits. My stamp world is revolutionized because with my method, everything is in ONE place! It makes it easy to find what I need, and isn’t that the point of organization?

Easy Tip for Organizing Stamps and Framelits

Why Organize your stamps?

There is a new LOVELY trend in the stamping industry. Many Photopolymer stamp sets now have matching framelits so you can easily cut them out. I used to store my framelits near my Big Shot machine. It was always a hassle to find the framelit that matched the stamp set.

How to Organize your Stamps

My process for organizing my stamps is two-fold and doesn’t really work unless you do both parts.

Part 1: The first part of my method is to adhere the stamps to the case. My Angel and friend, Kimberly Van Diepen, taught me about this. Clear Photopolymer stamps come on a sheet, in a DVD case. Kimberly advised me to adhere the sheet to the DVD case using Tear and Tape. Just a few inches down the center works. Tear and Tape is VERY sticky so you don’t need a whole lot. It is a joy to open your stamp sets and not have everything go FLYING. LOL.

Part 2: Once your stamps aren’t flying around the DVD case, you have room for your framelits. I browsed through Amazon to find a strong magnet sheet to adhere to the second side of my case. Lo and behold, I found that Amazon sells the PERFECT size magnet (no cutting needed) and it already comes with adhesive. See, I told you the Angels sing when it all comes together. Click here to see the magnets on Amazon.

I also have a short video I made showing how my system works.

I hope you enjoy!! If you have any organization tips, please don’t hesitate to send them my way!!!

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For Our Friends

Today a friend of mine commented that I’m “brave” because I mentioned that I’m preparing for a presentation to give to several dozen people. She told me she could never do this – it takes too much bravery! I had to laugh at that. I’m not brave! I’m terrified!! Getting up in front of people is never easy. Will they be receptive to my message? Will it go well? Speaking in public is intimidating and yes, scary.

Even though I was scared to accept the opportunity, I did it anyway. I knew I’d be terrified, especially as the presentation got closer, but that’s okay. I know I can do the presentation while being scared at the same time.

I’m a big believer that if we’re not doing things that terrify us, we’re not growing. This presentation is a little less scary because I’ve done presentations before. With each time I do one, it gets a little easier. Maybe one day I won’t even feel scared. Who knows? But until then, I plan to keep saying YES when asked. This will make sure I keep growing.

Is there something you do even though it’s scary? If you have kids, I bet there’s a lot you do that scares you every day!! LOL.

Friend Card

My card today would be terrific to send to a friend who is going through something hard (or scary!). We all need to feel loved and often, the platonic love of another friend can help get us through whatever hardship we’re in.

Valentine's Day Card using the Bloomin' Love stamp set by Stampin' Up!
This card would also be delightful to send your bestie for Valentine’s day!! My favorite part of this card is the large flower. Although it looks very colorful and difficult to make, I was able to cheat by using Stampin’ Up’s new Falling in Love DSP. The paper has beautiful color gradations and looks so pretty doesn’t it?

Tips and Tricks

– If you don’t have the special platform for cutting intricate dies, run the die through your Big Shot a few times to make sure it gets a great cut.
– I love the Big Shot Die Brush for getting all the little pieces out of the die once it’s cut. This tool is a must-have staple in your craft room!
– To glue on the beads (Sprinkles Embellishments), I used a little dab of my Fine Tip Glue Pen.
– The “Friend” sentiment is embossed with gold (though it’s really hard to see in the picture). The gold goes along with the elegant feel of the card.

Valentine's Day Card using the Bloomin' Love stamp set by Stampin' Up!
If you live in the US, our nation is feeling divided right now. Let’s show some love. Send a card to a friend, showing that you are thinking of her. And if you have a friend going through something scary, send her a card, too! Our card-making hobby is a gift we can use to lift others. Let’s use it for good and show everyone around us that they are loved and valuable.

Supplies Used:

Stamps: Bloomin’ Love
Ink: Versamark
Other: Linen Thread, Bloomin’ Hearts Thinlits, Sprinkles Embellishments, Big Shot Die Brush
Paper: Very Vanilla, Sahara Sand, Falling in Love DSP

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Going Crooked

Do you ever wonder what your style of card says about your personality? Since my favorite cards are a little messy and often crooked, I’m guessing you know a lot about me. LOL. I think there’s something very pleasing about the “imperfect.”

If you look at ads in Ikea, the rooms look lived in. The kitchens usually have someone working along with a bit of a mess that goes with cooking, the fridge is adorned with a creative kid’s painting. That scene looks right to us. It looks lived in and cozy. Perhaps that’s why “imperfect” cards are so appealing. They are cozy and lovely in their imperfect state!

DIY Card made with Oh So Succulent stamp set by Stampin' Up!

Simple Style

My card today, though crooked, LOL, is actually very easy to make. Feel free to copy it! I used it an event this past weekend in my neighborhood called “Crafts and Soup.” All the stampers were new to stamping, and there was a lot going on since it was a big event (not just mine…there were lots of other crafts going on, too.) so I kept it simple.

My favorite part of this card is that it totally doesn’t look like a newbie card. The different layers really have a neat effect and make it look complex – when it really isn’t! Such a great card for my new stampers to take home and enjoy.

Tips for Making the Card

To make the card, I used my favorite Oh So Succulent stamp set, but since my stampers were newbies, I didn’t want them to worry about two-step stamping. Instead, I started them with our addictive stamping hobby easy! We just stamped the outline of a flower in versmark onto the Old Olive card stock. Isn’t that a great way to get people’s feet wet? You can’t mess that up! LOL.

Next, we added some layers. I popped up some Tip Top Taupe using dimensionals, but since there were so many layers, that was the only piece I chose to pop up.

DIY Card made with Oh So Succulent stamp set by Stampin' Up!


When working with neutrals, pops of color are always a great thing. I added some flowers in a cheerful bright color, as well as some subtle blue scallops under the sentiment. The scallops are from the Layering Squares Framelits. I cut out a scallop square and cut out one side. Isn’t it neat looking? One of my favorite effects!

The event went beautifully and I had so much fun stamping with the wonderful women. We shared lots of giggles and stories. It was a great evening.

Supplies Used:

Stamps: Oh So Succulent, One Big Meaning
Ink: Basic Black, Versamark
Paper: Whisper White, Old Olive, Soft Sky, Succulent Garden, Calypso Coral
Other: Layering Squares Framelits, Rhinestones

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A New Technique

Happy Friday! It’s been an especially fun week for me since I’ve been in a class and it’s nice to change up my schedule a bit. I love to learn. Whether I’m in a classroom or just reading a book, if I’m not learning, I feel more tired and less energized.

My latest thing is podcasts. I can learn every day via audio podcasts and I don’t even have to read a book. I am totally obsessed with them. If you have a favorite podcast, would you please let me know in the comments? I’m always looking for some great ones.

Scalloped Frames

Since I’m always learning, one thing I like to do is learn new ways to make cards. A friend of mine had been using the technique on this card and I adored it. Isn’t it fun to try new techniques? Do you spot the technique used in this card?

Mother's Day Card using the "Oh So Succulent" stamp set by Stampin' Up!
The new-for-me technique is the light blue (Pool Party) scalloped frame.

If you read my last blog post, you know I also love tilting paper and making them topsy turvy. This technique combines both these techniques since the frames usually work best when turned a bit. It’s a perfect marriage, no?

Tips and Tricks

When designing the card, I first started out with my fav “Oh So Succulent” stamp set. I cut out a few images for the card, using Pool Party, Wild Wasabi, and Rose Red ink. This helped me figure out the color scheme for the rest of the card.
To make the Scalloped square:

  • Choose the size of the scallop you want from the Layering Squares Framelits. Cut out your cardstock.
  • Next, choose a square that’s smaller than the scallop. You don’t want the square to be too close in size to the scallop because otherwise your frame will be too thin.
  • Once you’ve chosen a good size, cut out the center square using the magnetic platform on your Big Shot so nothing shifts.
  • I like to glue my Square onto the card with a thin layer of Tombow.
  • This effect can also be done with two squares or two scallops. Change it up and have some fun!

Mother's Day Card using the "Oh So Succulent" stamp set by Stampin' Up!

Hope you also decide to make these frames. They are so cool, aren’t they?

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Bright and Cheery Birthday Card

I love bright and cheerful cards. The funny thing is that I’m one of the few people in the world who doesn’t love bright and cheerful days. Crazy, right? I prefer rainy, overcast days because they make me feel cozier, even when I need to leave the house. The bright sun, on the other hand, hurts my eyes and sometimes gives me headache. I should be living in the UK, right? No such luck, though…

I don’t like my cards to be drab and gray, though. I love anything bright and cheerful and happy looking. I used to “force” myself to use colors I didn’t love in order to get me out of my comfort zone. But I’ve recently stopped and just go with the colors I love.

For today’s card, I went with the colors that are in the paper, Succulent Garden. The colors are so pretty and I wanted my card to have the same bright, airy look as the paper.

Birthday Card made with the "Oh So Succulent" stamp set by Stampin' Up!

It’s all in a Sketch

What I love about this card is the sketch. A sketch is the layout of the card. It is perfect for this stamp set since I can stamp random flowers, but the simple bottom of the card keeps it from getting “over the top crazy.” Right? If it had been flowers all over, it possibly could have been a bit too much….
Feel free to copy this card exactly, or copy the sketch, for a card of your design. You can PIN the card above to Pinterest and save it for later.

If you like sketches, click here to follow my Pinterest Boards. I regularly post sketches and also cards that have great layouts.

Birthday Card made with the "Oh So Succulent" stamp set by Stampin' Up!

Using Paper to Cheat

After I made the card, I realized I could have cheated BIG TIME! Instead of stamping the images, I could have used our gorgeous Succulent Garden DSP for the top half of the card. Either way, it would be fantastic. That paper sure is stunning. It’s my favorite of all the paper in the Occasions Catalog.

Did you notice the ribbon on the card? I got it for free with Sale-A-bration. Good times, right? It’s such beautiful ribbon – I’m using it up! I’ve already used it on so many projects. It’s a great neutral. It feels nice and soft, too, so it’s even more fun to use.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. In my life, things are buzzing with my Creative Challenge program. I have some tasks this weekend that I know they’ll enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing all the neat things they’ll come up with.


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Flowers for your Birthday

We can never have too many birthday cards, can we? Besides being an amazingly beautiful stamp set, one of the things that I love about Oh So Succulent is that it has terrific sentiments. You can use it for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, or even just because. (And it’s great to send a card “just because.” Wouldn’t you love receiving a random card in the mail, for no reason?!)

For today’s card, I decided to make a birthday card.

Oh So Succulent stamp set by Stampin' Up!

Adding Layers

This card was all about layers! I think layers add interest and make a card special, so I wanted to add as many as I could – without overdoing it! I started with the center circle and created a pretty grouping of flowers. One of my favorite stamps in the set is the greenery that I have stamped on the edge of the circle. Isn’t it neat looking? I then stamped the Birthday sentiment on some beautiful Sweet Sugarplum and cut out the piece of the sentiment that I wanted.

Oh So Succulent stamp set by Stampin' Up!
To finish, I lightly added some speckles from the Gorgeous Grunge stamp set and then finished the card by adding yet more layers to the side of it. A little sparkle of silver in the bow finished off the card.

Fun Times

This week has been such fun for me! On Sunday we started my 2017 Creative Challenge . There are over 150 women registered and it’s been a BALL!! I have a private facebook group and every day for 14 days I’ve been giving them different challenges (or games!) to inspire their creativity. The cards that have been created are over-the-top gorgeous! Some of the ladies are also going through some difficult health issues, and the support from the group has been tremendous.
This group makes me feel honored to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. I already love the women and without this amazing hobby, I never would have met them. The funny thing is that I started this challenge to inspire others, but I can honestly tell you that I’m the one whose the most inspired. I am so grateful for these women and this opportunity.

Sending you stamping hugs and thanks for being part of my stamping community.

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