Succulent Birthday

I’m curious – how do you stay on top of your friends’ birthdays? (Assuming you do stay on top of it.) I’m so bad about it…I’m hoping you’re MUCH better than me and can give me ideas. For most of my friends, I have their birthdays in my head and never get around to putting them in my Google Calendar. Then the day passes and as usual, I haven’t sent a card. It’s a pity, because I’ve got some nice cards to send. LOL.

Starting TODAY, as soon as I’m done writing this post, I am putting at least 5 of my friends’ birthdays in my Google Calendar, with reminders set for a week in advance, so I can get some cards in the mail. I hope you join me and go running to do this as soon as you’re done reading this, if you haven’t already. Why not send some joy and cheer around. Isn’t that one of the big reasons why we love card making?


For my card today, I wanted to incorporate some woodgrain into the card, without making it too dark looking. Luckily, I have a slew of browns to choose from. I went with a subtle Sahara Sand (my absolute favorite light brown color) and added some cool texture to the card. I love the woodgrain embossing folder.

Birthday Card handmade with Succulent Garden Stamp set by Stampin' Up!

Use Your Pretty Paper

The Succulent Designer Series Paper is so beautiful that I’m trying not to hoard it and to use as much as I can in my cards. Some of my paper is actually used up. Really. That never happens, right? The paper I used in this card is so soft and beautiful, it is one of my favorites from the stack. It makes a difference in the card, doesn’t it?

The flowers are so pretty but I didn’t want them to overdone. I stamped a few on scrap paper, using the same colors from the Designer Series Paper. Adhering them to the sentiment is a subtle technique, but it makes everything pop.

Birthday Card handmade with Succulent Garden Stamp set by Stampin' Up!

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I did something brand new the last time I sent out my mailing list and I’ve gotten such amazing responses – instead of the usual intro to my newsletter, I made it made it really chatty and fun by doing it as a video! It’s as if you and I are in my kitchen, chatting away. It was so much fun for me because whenever I write, I imagine you sitting at your computer reading. This way I was able to literally talk to you. I LOVED it! And much to my surprise, I wasn’t camera shy – because we were just chatting.

May you have a wonderful day, filled with lots of creativity and joy. Thanks for stopping by.


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